About the Functions of the Premium Service

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The various functions of the Premium Service

The Premium Service offers a greater variety of useful functions than the free service. Upgrade your organization’s work productivity by using the Premium Service.

◎ Process automatically applied to doc form

In Docswave Premium, Admin can assign a process for each doc form, in advance. This prevents members from inputting the wrong process when creating docs because the process assigned by Admin will be automatically applied. Now, you do not need to spend extra time on training employees on the approval process.


◎ 30 boards provided for collaboration work and authorization settings 

A total of 30 boards can be used in Docswave Premium. Also, since authorization for each board can be managed for each individual and dept, boards can be utilized as a cooperation tool for different projects or for dept cooperation.


◎ Print all workflow docs at once

The org admin of Premium Service can print all approved docs at once. You no longer need to open each file to print. The printed docs will be converted into one PDF and then automatically saved in the user’s Google Drive, so it can be printed again any time.


◎  Premium Support

Customers of Docswave Premium Service are guaranteed service stability based on prompt and supportive technical assistance. Also, they have priority when communicating with the Docswave team about inquiries or errors.


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