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Free Trial of Docswave Premium

Docswave provides a Free Premium Trial so that you can try the premium functions for free, for a limited time. You can use the trial once before upgrading to the Premium Service. During the trial period, the premium functions can be used by all members, regardless of the number of members.

The Free Premium Trial period is from the date of application to the last day of the next month, which means you can use the trial for a maximum of almost two months depending on when you apply.

To keep using the Premium Service, seats need to be purchased before the trial is over.

*The existing free functions are still available to use after the trial period is over.

How to apply for a Free Premium Trial

(1) Log in to Docswave > Click on the ‘Upgrade to Premium’ menu.

(2) Click on the ‘Free Premium Trial‘ button.

(3) Read the information before you ‘Confirm Application.’ Check the checkbox and click the ‘Apply for a Trial’ button to complete your application.

Once your application for the trial is submitted, you can use the premium functions.

(4) Then, an email notification (which confirms the complete application) will be automatically sent to the administrator only.

The moment you complete your application for a Free Premium Trial, all members will be able to use the Premium Service.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Free Premium Trial

Q1. Can I use the functions of the Premium Service right after applying for a Free Premium Trial?

Yes. After applying for a Free Premium Trial, you and your organization’s members will be able to use the Premium Service immediately.

Q2. Where can I find the expiration date of my organization’s Free Premium Trial?

You can check the expiration date by logging in to Docswave and accessing the ‘Purchase Seats’ menu or the ‘Billing’ menu of the administrator menu.

Q3. What happens when the Free Premium Trial is expired? How can I continue to use the Premium Service?

When the trial is over, the Premium Service will not be available. So, it is important that you purchase seats before the trial period is over to continue to use the premium functions. However, even if you do not purchase seats, you will still be able to use the functions provided by the free version of Docswave.

Q4. What are seats?

A seat is a monthly license that allows one member to use the Premium Service for one month. One seat is $3/person/month.

Q5. If I purchase seats during the Premium Free Trial, would it change the trial period?

Even if you purchase seats while using the Free Premium Trial, the trial period remaining will be the same. In other words, seats will be deducted starting on the day after the trial is expired. Your seat purchase does not affect the trial period, so feel free to purchase seats.

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