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Approve & Reject the document in Docswave

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Docswave provides the convenient approval function so that users can make a quick and correct decision for the important document of the organization.

**Basic Info

  • The approver of Docswave can approve with two methods as follows.
    • Approve in Docswave
    • Approve in the mail
  • Mail process of Docswave
    • When the document is requested, the notification mail for approval will be sent to the first approver. When the first approver approves the document, the notification mail shall be sent to the next approver.
    • Whenever the document is approved, the notification mail will be sent to the requester. Through Workflow > document in progress menu, you will be able to know the location of document and progress status. In addition, when the member included in the process write the comments, the notification mail for that will be sent.
    • If the request document is rejected, the notification mail will be sent to the approver who has approved befor.
    • The requester can cancel the request before the first approver checks the document. If cancelled the request, the notification mail that the request was cancelled shall be sent to the first approver.

1. Introduce Approve docs menu

▶ Access to Approve menu.


1) Approve docs  : This is the list of documents that I have to approve now.

2) Upcoming documents : This is the list of documents that you don’t need to approve now but you will have to.

※ you can’t approve “Upcoming documents” but can leave comments or modify contents.

2. To approve on Docswave

Access to  Document for approval menu.

 – Click the title of document to move to the detailed page to approve the document.
[T0 approve]

The below screen is the detailed page to approve the request document.


1) This is Approve/Reject request button. Click this button to make a decision. Click this button and at the same time the mail shall be sent to the person related to the approval. (**Reference: Refer to Docswave mail process)

※ When you click the ‘Reject’ button, you have to leave the reason for your decision.


2) Available to check workflow information (the approver, receiver, and observer) related to the approval.

3) Available to check the comments or write the comments.

**This is the detailed screen for ‘the description of comments’.


4) Description of Attached file and Related documents: Available to check the file attached to the document or related document.

3. To approve on Gmail

▶ Access to Gmail.

[To approve on your mail (Desktop & Mobile)]


(1) Workflow info: available to check ‘workflow information’ related to the request.

(2) Document link: available to move to Docswave or Google Drive to check the description of document.

(3)  Link the related documents : this link is the related documents of Docswave .

(4) Attached file : this is the attached file from a requester.

(5) Decision making: Click ‘Approve/Reject’ button to move the page to make a decision “once more”.

Detailed screen shot

a) Approve/reject: On the moved page, click ‘Approve/Reject’ button once again to apply approval/rejection.

b) Write the comments: After registering the comments, click ‘Approve/Reject’ button and the comments are also registered.

(6) Process information: available to check the information of members related to the approval such as requester info, approver info, receiver info etc.

(7) Comment information: available to view the description of comment written by the requestor or approver.

4. To cancel your approval

▶ Access to Workflow menu > In progress docs menu


Select the document that you permitted. And click the ‘approval cancellation’ button.

Then, your approval  will be cancelled

But, it is possible to approve before the next approver check.

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