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Docswave provides board for smooth cooperation of members.

When creating an organization, ‘notice board’ and ‘free board’ are basically provided and available to add board as desired by the organization.

Make the organization more vital by communication on the board.

**Basic Info

  • The text written on the board is converted into Google Drive document and saved automatically in Google Drive of representative account with the attached file.
  • Administrator can mange/add/delete the board.
  • Administrator is only allowed to write the notice on the board.
  • Free board and add board allow all members to write.
  • Add board can create 3 more boards except for notice, free board

Access by Board menu.

Introduction of Board Menu

(1) Notice board: a basic board which allows administrator to write only.

(2) Free board: a basic board which allows members to write and open.

(3) Add board: a board that administrator can add board directly.

Add a board

To add a board, follow the following methods.

(1) First, write the name of board.

(2) Then, click + figure to register.

Management of Add board

To modify the added board, access the corresponding board and set as follows.

(1) Modify board name: press this button to change the name of board.

(2) Delete board: press this button to delete the board.

Write on the notice board

write a notification on the notice board and share it. The notice board is allowed only to admin users.

On the menu list of notice board, press ‘Write’ button as above and the ‘write’ screen appears as below.

(*Even if you leave the screen while writing, you can import it when you write again.)

a) Input the title, description of document.

b) You can add files to the message on the board.

c) Select ‘Fix on the top’ and the message shall be fixed on the top of board.

d)Press ‘Registration’ button to register the message.

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