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Create Document in Docswave

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Workflow starts with <Create Document>. All users can write documents through <Create Document>.

Set the process of document and attach the file to complete the document. Documents are moved according to the approval line set by the requester. Finally, when the final approver approves the document, the notification mail will be sent to the requester and the document can be checked in the final approval document box of Docswave.

* The document and attached file are saved automatically in Google Drive of representative account.

▶ Access Create doc menu .

Form Category and Document Form

Access”Create Document” menu and you can find the category of document forms registered in Docswave and forms.


(1) ‘Recents’

– Recent Requests : A list of documents that I have requested. You can re-request using this documents.

– Recent Forms :  A list of forms that I have requested. You can request using this forms.

(2) ‘Favorites’ : A list of forms that I often use.

(3) ‘Shared Forms’ : The form registered by administrator, which allows all users to use it.

Register document form (refer to admin tutorial)

(4) ‘Free requests’ : the function that allows to create the document immediately without document form.

(5) ‘My forms’ : the form that I registered directly, which is the personal document form that only I can use.

Create Document in Docswave

Click the desired document form to write from the document form list and the screen to write will appear as below.


(1) ‘Request’ button: click this button to request. The approver when the step for him/her to approve reaches, will receive the notification mail for the request for approval.

(2) This is the ‘Title’ of the document. Unless entered separately, the document will be written with ‘basic title (organization name-form-written date-No.).

(3) Approval process (approval line): the approver and cooperator are the decision-maker of document. Input the approver through the organizational chart.

Authority to modify: the person who received the ‘authority to modify’ among the decision-makers registered in the process can modify the document in the process of approval.

(4)  Receiver :

Internal receiver: available to select anyone from members included in the organizational chart and if the document gets the final approval, the internal receiver can also check the document.

External receiver: the external concerned person not included in the organizational chart and available to select from shared contacts list. When the document gets the final approval, the document shall be attached to the mail as MS documents(MS Word, Excel, Power Point) and sent to the external receiver with the attached file.

(5) Observer: the person who can check the progress status of workflow and recommended to add the member who can identify the approval status. The observer cannot approve/reject but only can check the document.

(6) Attached file: the file related to the document can be attached and available to attach through PC or Google Drive.

(7) Related documents: the document with final approval/rejected documents among the written or approved documents can be attached as related documents.

(8) Comments: available to write the comments for the documents and the approver can also write the comments for communication. When you provide the comments, the notification mail will be sent to the members who are included in the process..

(9) Import process (approval line): available to import the shared process registered by the administrator or create the personal process directly..

**This is the detailed screen of popup window ‘import process’


a) Select one of shared processes and click OK button to apply..
b) Click ‘add directly’ button to add my own process.

Cancel document

The requester can cancel the request document before the first approver checks the document.

Click ‘Cancelled the request’ button and the ‘notification of request cancellation’ mail shall be sent to the approver and, at the same time, the corresponding document will be moved to the Draft document box.

* ‘The detailed screen shot of ‘request cancellation’.


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