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When you need to give a presentation at work, you would use PowerPoint as usual. Have you ever wondered if the typical boxed-in slides in PowerPoint might limit your ability to convince audience to take action?

Because PowerPoint shows only the linear thought process, it is difficult for audience to deeply understand the purpose of your presentation. By contrast, an audience can understand it better when you give a presentation by using Prezi (, because they can see the big picture of the presentation as if they are watching someone who draws on a blank canvas with paints. Also, Prezi allows you to zoom in and out the screen. So, you can be more creative and create visually compelling presentations.   

시각적 은유


To use Prezi, you can choose a template or start from scratch.



In Prezi, you need to keep in mind “frame” and “path.” “Frame” in Prezi is similar to “slide” in PowerPoint. “Path” is the sequence of “frames.” When you add a frame, the frame is automatically added to the path right after the frame you previously worked on.

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Also, there are two types of “layouts” : single frame & multi-frame. When you drag a layout with more than one frame to the canvas, a sequence of frames is automatically added to the path.



Because Prezi is a cloud service, it automatically saves a progress of your work. Also, multiple people can work on a Prezi at the same time. In addition, you can use prezi on any device.

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♦ Prezi Tutorial : Get Started in Prezi


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