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To make document forms for organization to use, classify the document category first so that the members can find the forms easily. Then use Google Drive documents to make document forms while matching with the category.

If document form does exist in Google Drive, import the file from Google Drive to register immediately. If there is no form, import the form provided by Docswave to register. (*Docswave provides various kinds of document forms for free.)

▶ Access Administrator > Document form management menu.

1. Document category setting

(1) Add a category

Select the upper category “Shared Form” and click ‘+’ button to create the sub category. (If you type a category’s name and then you will have to press ‘Enter key’ to register it.)

(2) Modify a category

In addition, If you select the category to modify and click ‘Pen’ button after selecting a category.(Please press ‘Enter key’ to register.)

(3) Delete a category

More, If you want to delete a category, please click ‘trash can’ button, you can delete the category. (If the document forms exist in the category. Delete the document form or move to other category.)

2.  Register document  forms

Administrator can register forms after selecting a category.  And click one of the two buttons like ‘Docswave Form‘ or ‘Form registration

“Docswave form” is made by Docswave’s team.

There are three methods to register the form: ‘write directly’, ‘import from Google Drive’ and ‘use the form provided by Docswave’. Refer to the following method and register the form.

(1) Write directly

Select the file type of Google documents (Docs, Spread sheet, Presentation) and input the document title. Click ‘Write’ button to move to ‘Write document’ screen.

(2) Import from Google Drive

Click ‘Import’ button to register the form through My Google Drive.

(3) Use the form provided by Docswave

Click ‘Using the docs’ button to move to the screen of provided form list. Select the desired form from the list and click ‘Use Selected Docs’ to copy it as the shared form.

(To copy the document form, it takes about 5 minutes.)

3.  delete and change form

(1) The button to set the document category of form

To change the category of several documents, select forms and click ‘Change the category’ button to change.

(2) The button to delete form

Select the form to delete and click Delete button to delete it.

4. Modify a document form

(1) Select a document

Select the document you would to modify and then change the content as you registered the form.

(2) Click the “Modify” button

After adjusting the form, click the “modify” button.

And check this (*) mark. If you click that button, You can insert some Images in the form and check the Print Preview.

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