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If you are considering using Docswave or if you have any questions, please read this post. Here is the list of most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Docswave. We hope this helps!

FAQ 1. Can I delete the Docswave main account (the first account used to start using Docswave for your organization)?

The Main Account should never be deleted if you would like to continue to use Docswave. When you create an account in Docswave, “Docswave” folder is created in the main account’s Google Drive. The folder is connected to all data saved in Docswave. So, if the main account is deleted, all data connected to Docswave gets deleted and you can no longer use Docswave. Therefore, please remember not to delete the Docswave main account for your organization.

FAQ 2. Do I need a Google account (Gmail or Google Apps) to use Docswave?

Yes. Docswave is an e-approval system utilizing the tools of Google Docs. Our users will create documents using Google Docs and receive request for approval in their Gmail. Therefore, Google account users are able to use Docswave.

Even if you do not use Gmail, you can still use Docswave with your non-Gmail account (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) by registering with Google Drive. (Refer to:”How to use Docswave without a Gmail account“)

FAQ 3. Is there a trial account?

Yes! Docswave offers a trial account of Docswave. You can conveniently use your Google account to try it out.

You can decide introducing Docswave to your organization after trying it out! Create an organization as well as Draft and Approve a document. (Fill out a request form)

If you decide to officially adopt Docswave, create a new Docswave organization using a separate Main Account. (See FAQ 4.)

FAQ 4. Is it okay if the Main Account is the email account of an individual user? Can I change the Main Account later?

The Main Account of Docswave possesses all documents and data created within Docswave. That is why we recommend you to use a ‘separate administrator account’ for the Main Account in case the account holder resigns/retires from your organization or the account is deleted.

  • Example: Use separately as the Main Account and not

Currently, the Main Account cannot be changed due to technical issues and Google’s policy.

If a main account still needs to be changed, you need to create a new Docswave organization. In this case, you can move the existing data to the new Main Account through Google Drive.

  • For reference, If you need to delete your organization’s Docswave account, please make a request through ‘Admin > Org Mgmt’.
FAQ 5. Can I change the information I entered when creating an organization?

Yes! Log into Docswave and go to the menu ‘Admin > Org Mgmt’ to change.

  • Items that can be modified: Org name, URL, Org logo, Language, Country, Time zone, Email Default language, Doc title format,’ etc. To see how to modify, please see the Tutorial (Organization Information Management).
FAQ 6. Where are documents and attachments used in Docswave saved? Do attachments have size limits?

– The documents and attachments used in Docswave are saved in the Main Account’s Google Drive folder (folder automatically created by Docswave)

  • Main Account : the account used for creating a Docswave org.

When uploading an attachment on PC, you can attach up to 100MB. Meanwhile, when attaching through Google Drive, there is no limit. But, you need to keep in mind the remaining storage of the Main Account’s Google Drive. Also, larger files may take more time to upload.

FAQ 7. If data is saved in Google Drive, how much is the storage affected? Also, how can I add storage?

Documents created in Docswave affect only the Main Account’s storage. 

  • According to Google’s policy, one document cannot exceed 50MB (1,024,000 letters).

Google Drive documents do not take up much space. Thus, you won’t have to add storage to the Main Account for a whileIf the Main Account’s storage is close to the limit, you can purchase additional storage through Google’s site or move documents to a secure space after backing up the documents. (Go to Google site to add storage.)

FAQ 8. How secure is Docswave? Is there any risk of data leakage

The documents and attachments saved in the Main Account’s Google Drive can be accessed only by authorized users. ‘Authorized users’ include users connected with the documents for approval (i.e., users involved in the approval process). Even within an organization, members without authorization cannot view the documents (except for the administrator). Thus, the documents or attachments cannot be leaked; even the Docswave team cannot see our clients’ documents. (Refer to: post about Docswave security)

FAQ 9. Can I connect my domain address with Docswave?

You can connect the Docswave URL with your domain address through the site or company you purchased the domain from.

* Access the hosting site. Go to the ‘Domain Management’ menu. Then, enter registered Docswave URL (e.g., in the domain address (e.g.,

FAQ 10. Can Docswave be synchronized with Google Calendar?

If you use the Premium service, you can synchronize Docswave with Google Calendar. For example, when a member creates a leave application and the application is approved, date(s) of the leave is/are automatically registered in Google Calendar and the calendar is shared with all members of the organization.

FAQ 11. Is there a limit to the number of users?

Docswave does not limit the number of users. Also, it is possible to use one account to create multiple Docswave organizations.

FAQ 12. Can I use Docswave through mobile and tablet PC?

Docswave provides a mobile version. Our users can take action (approve/reject) and check all documents through mobile. Also, functions such as ‘member info’, ‘boards’, and ‘shared contacts’ can also be used in the PC version. (Refer to: Docswave mobile version)

FAQ 13. Can I change settings so that certain boards are visible to only certain departments?

In the free version of Docswave, the boards are open to all members. Meanwhile, in the Premium Service (payment needed), boards can be exclusively shared by certain users or teams/departments. The setting can be modified through the administrator menu.

FAQ 14. Is it possible to designate multiple approvers in the same step of the sequence and not just one person for each step?

Yes! This function is called ‘agreement’. Two or more approvers need to approve at the same step in order to go on to the next step and get the document finally approved. This function is available for both free and Premium users.

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