Google multiple sign-in issue occurring in Docswave

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Have you experienced the following issues when using Docswave?

1. Not having access to a document when trying to view to make a request

2. Not having access when selecting a form to create a document

3. Broken signature image you registered for ‘My profile.

Screen Examples


If you have experienced the above issues, the reason might be ‘multiple sign-in.’

Multiple sign-in refers to more than one person logging in with different Google accounts.

When the basic account (default) logged into Google’s browser is different from the one logged into Docswave, access to documents is not allowed or the signature image is not visible.

※ Basic account (default): The account initially used to log into a Google browser

※ Screen Examples


So, if you experience this multiple sign-in issue, please check which of your accounts is the basic account in Google’s browser. .

Then, if the account you used to log into Docswave is different from the basic account, log out of the Google browser and then log in again using the account you registered with Docswave,

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