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Hand guide for administrator

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This is the information to set Docswave for administrator of Docswave. Use ‘Administrator’ menu to set Docswave easily.

▶ Access Administrator menu.

1. Organization Management

Administrator can set the basic organization information through Organization Management menu.
* Organization information: ‘organization name’, ‘URL’, ‘organization logo’, ‘ basic language in use’, ‘country’, ‘time zone according to each country’ and ’email language’

View organization management

2. Position/Title Management

Administrator can use general position/title provided by Docswave or add or modify ‘position/title name’ suitable for the organization.

If you perform the test before introducing Docswave, you can use the position/title provided by Docswave basically and don’t need to set the position/title separately.

View Position/Title management

3.  Organizational chart/Member Management

Administrator can set the organizational chart and add the members through ‘Organizational chart/members’ menu.
Administrator can add members by batch or add members by individual using  ‘Google Contact’ or ‘Upload Excel’.

View organizational chart/members management

4.  All Documents

Administrator can check all documents related to approval through All Document menu.

* Representative account(Google Drive Owner) allows to open all documents but general administrator account allows to open the document related to itself only.

* Representative account is the owner of all documents which allows to delete.

View all documents

5. Document Form

Administrator can register the shared form for members to use through Document Form menu.
Administrator can register forms directly or register various document forms using the ‘provided forms’ provided by Docswave just by copying.

(* Docswave provides various document forms for customers for free. To copy the document form, it takes about 5 minutes. )

View document forms

6. Shared Process

This menu allows administrator to create ‘shared process’.

Available to designate approver (available to designate approval sequence), receiver, and observer in the ‘shared process’.

Members can write the request document conveniently using the shared process created by administrator.

View the shared process

7.  Bookmark Management

If administrator registered the site addresses that are used frequently in the organization, members can move to the corresponding site conveniently.

This is the shared function for the sites that are used frequently in the organization.

View bookmark management

8. Board Setting

Administrator can set and manage all boards.

(1) Basically, ‘Notices board’ and ‘Shared board’ are provided.

(2) If the message is written on ‘Notices board’, the notification mail will be sent to all members.

(3) Available to create the board suitable for the organization additionally.

* But, for Add board, allowed for 3 boards only. (max. 5 including notices and shared board are available)

View board setting

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