How to Upgrade to the Premium Service

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If you are currently using the free version of Docswave, you can make the workflow even more convenient by upgrading to the Premium Service.

If you purchase seats while using the Free Premium Trial, you can start using the Premium Service right away.

Learn more about the functions of the Docswave Premium Service(★)

How to upgrade to the Premium Service

(1) Log in to Docswave > Click on the ‘Upgrade to Premium’ menu.

(2) Upgrade by applying for the Premium Free Trial (Link ★) or proceeding with payment through Purchase Seats below.

If you upgrade to the Premium Service or apply for a Free Premium Trial, all members’ Docswave will be upgraded to Premium at once. Only the administrator will receive a notification email about the upgrade. You do not need to worry about the changes in the user interface (UI) because it is very unlikely that they will cause inconvenience.


What ‘seats’ are and how to purchase them in the Premium Service

1. What are Seats

(1) Seat Types

Blue Seat: Blue seats are the basic seats provided when your purchase seats. One blue seat is $3 per month.

White Seat: White seats are bonus seats provided for free. The more blue seats you purchase, the more white seats are provided. White seats are not applicable for refund.

Yellow Seat: Yellow seats are seats provided as a part of events. They are ‘reward’ seats that cannot be purchased.

* White and yellow seats have the same value as blue seats. But, they are not applicable for refund.

(2) Seat Prices and Purchase Method

A seat is a license, which enables one member to use the Premium Service for one month. It is 3,000 KRW per seat and seats are provided upon payment.

② You can purchase from 10 seats to a maximum of 200 seats per payment. We advise you to purchase as many seats as the number of your organization’s members, at least.

③ Payments can be made only with your card such as credit or debit.

2. Purchasing Seats

(1) Log in to Docswave > Click on the ‘Upgrade to Premium’ menu.

If you are currently using the Free Premium Trial or already using the Premium Service, log in to Docswave > click on the ‘Purchase Seats’ menu.

(2) Make sure to check the number of members to determine the number of seats to purchase. (You need to be aware of what each seat represents.)

(3) Choose the number of seats to purchase, then click the ‘Purchase’ button. Confirm the payment details, check the box ‘Agree,’ and then click the ‘Proceed with Payment’ button.


(4) Payment is processed by the payment gateway (PG).


How to continue using the Premium Service

To continue to use the Premium service, you need to purchase seats before the Premium trial is terminated.

If you do not purchase more seats or if all seats have become expired, you can use only the free service of Docswave. If you purchase seats, you can use the Premium service again.

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