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How to Use ‘To be selected by creator’ in the Approval Process

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In the Premium Service, the administrator is able to apply approval processes to document forms, in advance. This allows the creator to create documents conveniently by just choosing a form, without going through the process of registering a separate approval process.

Also, the Premium Service provides a function called ‘To be selected by creator’ in the approval process.

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Introducing the ‘To be selected by creator’ Function in the Approval Process

The ‘To be selected by creator’ function considers the fact that each creator may need to select different approvers.

Let’s take a look at the approval process of the ‘Vacation Request Form’ used by almost any organization. If the approval process is set as ‘Creator – HR Deputy Head – Creator’s Team Leader – CEO’. the team leader may be different depending on the creator. So, if To be selected by creator is included in an approval process, a drafter can create documents without making a mistake because only his/her team leader needs to be added.

How to Select ‘To be selected by creator’

(1) Go to Admin menu > Create Doc.

(2) Select a form from the list of document forms.

(3) Click the ‘+’ button of the ‘To be selected by creator’ already applied to the approval process. Be sure to check the description of approvers written by an administrator.

(4) Select the approver(s) from the organizational chart.

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