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1. Google based Workflow

Docswave is a Google-based smart workflow service, which helps members share documents according to a sequence and facilitates the process of decision-making within an organization.
Anyone with a Google account can use Docswave without a separate membership, and members can create docs using Google Docs.

If a member creates a document, one or more designated approvers receive(s) a notification by email. The approvers are able to write comments and approve it directly in the email. When final approval is complete, a notification email will be sent to the document creator (or ‘requester’). At the same time, the document will be automatically saved in Google Drive.


2. Docswave as a Groupware

The combination of Google Apps and Docswave reflects a new trend of today’s groupware market—a service providing maximum business efficiency at the lowest cost. Along with the functions provided by Google Apps such as Gmail (email), Google Drive (file storage), Google Calendar (calendar, schedule management, etc.), and Google Hangouts (messenger), Docswave provides effective ways to manage organization/members, create workflow (e-approval, report, etc.), and communicate internally (via shared board). Currently, over 5 million businesses are using Google Apps, a globally recognized service. The value of Docswave as groupware has also been recognized, as more than 6,500 organizations use Docswave as of December 2016.


3. As Secure as Google, and Backed Up by Google Drive


Docswave is a Google Apps-based Web service, which provides the highest level of security, equivalent to that of Google. It also offers a strong backup function through Google Drive. All documents used in Docswave are saved automatically in Google Drive within the best security environment provided by Google.

4. Easy & Intuitive User Interface

Various tips and instructions of using Docswave are available on Docswave’s blog. Docswave also provides easy and intuitive user interface (UI) such as moving items by drag & drop.

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