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Labels to organize all docs into catogories

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Labels – You can create and use labels to organize your documents into categories – Work,  To do list, Projects and Expense and any category you want.

Create your labels to classify your documents conveniently on Docswave.


  • There is no limit to create labels.
  • you can add more than one to a documents.
  • If you don’t need a label any more, you can always delete it.
  • you can change labels color.
  • you can edit its settings

1. Create a label

▶ Access Workflow menu > Create labels menu.

① Type the name of your new label.

② and click Create.


* Set a top label of your new label.

① Type the name of your new label .

② select a top label of it.

③ and click Create.


2. Apply your label

▶ Access Workflow menu > Workflow menu.

①  Select the document that you want.

② and click ‘Edit labels‘ button then, click ‘Apply lable to docs‘ item.


③ Select your label and click ‘Apply


3. Remove you label

▶ Access Workflow menu > Workflow menu.

①  In that menu, select the document that tagged with your label.

② then click ‘Edit labels’ and click  ‘Remove label from docs‘.


③ In that menu, select the label that tagged on the document and click ‘Remove


In that menu, you can also click Remove label to delete the label from your list and remove it from all messages that were tagged with that label. You can also edit and delete labels in the Labels tab of your Gmail Settings.

4. Manage you labels

▶ Access Workflow menu > Manage labels menu.

① you can Delete your labels with ‘Delete‘.

② You can modify your labels with ‘Modify‘.

③ you can hide your labels with buttons.


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