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Modify My Profile in Docswave

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Click the profile image on the right top to access.


1. My Profile Image

Click ‘Modify image’ button to modify “My Profile Image”.

2. My Info

Available to register or modify “My Information (name,, and employment status)” except for e-mail, position/title, and organizational chart (department).

3. Signature image

Register for your signature on this.

 4. Select Language

Docswave allows user to select various languages. Select the language to use usually in Docswave.

5. Country & Time zone

Available to set the desired ‘Country area’ and ‘Time zone’. For example, if you select the time zone (GMT+9:00) as Korea Standard time, the written time or approved time is indicated as Korea Standard Time.

6. Register

When you registered/modified all description, press ‘Edit Account’ button.

This post is also available in: Korean Japanese Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional)

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