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Organization Information Management

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You can manage the organization information with Docswave.

You can insert the organization logo that represents the identity of organization as well as set the various languages and time by country suitable for the user

▶ Access Administrator > Organization Management menu.

1. Company name setting

In Docswave, the organization name registered in the first registration exists. you can change the name anytime.

2. URL Setting

 Input your address of Docswave to be used in the organization. Input the URL in web browser to access the Docswave of your organization immediately.

For URL, input alphabet or numbers more than 3 characters. The space is not allowed, but only special characters ‘- . and _’ are available.


3. Organization Logo Setting

Available to save the logo of the organization to use in Docswave. Click ‘Upload’ button to add the logo image of optimal size (200 x 75 px).

4. Basic Language Setting

Select the basic language to use in the organization. Even if the basic language is set, each user can change the language in use (in their profile setting).

5. Country Setting

Available to set a Nationality of the organization.

6. Time Zone Setting

Docswave provides various nations’s time zone. Set the time zone to set the time that’ the requested document was submitted’ or ‘the time to register in the approved document’.

7.  Email Language Setting

Docswave provides email notification using various languages. Thus, administrator can select the language for notification email to use in the organization.

8. Setting the rule of document title

Administrators can set the rule of  the title of”Request Document” on Docswave.

Select items you want and drag them into the box blow. Especially, the “Insert” is an item that you can type some words in person.

Please check the example below that you made. And Click the ‘Save‘ button.


9. Representative Account (document storage account/Google Drive owner) Setting

A representative account is the admin that created a Docswave first. All documents and files used in Docswave are saved in Google Drive of representative account. At present time, the function to change representative account to other account is not supported.

So, be sure to use the account not to be deleted and use the account that has the sufficient storage space.

10. Request to Delete Organization

To prevent the mistake of administrator, the organization delete is proceeded by Docswave operation team directly. If organization delete is completed, all members of organization are not allowed to access Docswave of the corresponding organization. However, the documents and files created in Docswave are saved in Google Drive of representative account safely.

    * After changing all information, be sure to press ‘Save’ button.

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