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Register organizational chart and members easily

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Add the organizational chart and members easily and manage it.

**Basic Info

  • In the organizational chart, ‘Management’ department is basically set.
  • If you add member, “Docswave invitation mail” will be sent to the corresponding member.

Access Administrator > Organizational chart/member management menu.

1. Organizational chart management

Administrators can set and manage the organizational chart.

(1) Click ‘+’ button to add department.(Please press ‘Enter key’ to register it)

(2) Select the department and click ‘Pen(modify)’ button to correct the name of it.(Please press ‘Enter key’ to modify it)

(3) Select the department and click ‘Tresh can (delete)’ button. you can delete it. (If the member exists in the department. Move the member to other department and then delete department.)

2. Member Management

Administrator can register and manage the information of member. To add members, you can use three methods: “Upload by batch”, “Member Add” and “Google Contacts”.

(1) Register all members at once

Use “Upload by batch” function to register several members at once..

a) Download the form (.excel).

b) Input the description suitable for the form and upload again.

c) Click ‘Confirm’ button to complete it.

*View how to upload the members by batch with Excel file (go to ‘Register all members by batch’)

(2) Add member (individual registration)

Click ‘Add member’ button and ‘the detail screen of Add Member’ appears as below.

a) Input the user information. All values except for and address are required to input.

b) Available to give the administrator authority to the members.

c) Select the department. *The members are allowed to belong to more than 2 departments.

d) If completed to write, press ‘Save’ button.

e) To cancel writing, press ‘Back’ button.

(3) Use Google Contacts (address list) for registration

Click ‘Google Contacts’ button and add users through Google address list popup window.

* When adding the members using ‘Google Contacts’, input the detailed information (contacts, address, department, etc…).

3.  Modify the member’s information

Select the member’s info Box to modify. Because the E-mail address is ‘ID’ on Docswave so you can modify other items except it.

When an E-mail address is wrong, you have to delete the member’s information and re-register it.

4. Department setting for members (available to designate more than 2 departments)

(1) Add department

Available to designate more than 2 departments for a member. Select the user and press ‘Add department’ (1) button and the popup to select department will appear. Use this to set the department as below.

a) Select the department to add.

b) Click OK’ button to register.

(2) Move department

The function ‘Move dept.’ allows members to move to other department. Select the user and press ‘move department’ (2) button to set as below.

a) If selected member has  two or more departments, select the existing department that have to be moved. If selected member has department only one, this part will not appear.

b) Select the department to change. Click OK button below to complete it.

5. Delete members

Available to delete the registered members. Select the member and the popup to delete will appear. Write ‘DELETE’ and press OK button.

6. Setting list

You can handle the list of Member menu.

Click the ‘≡List setting‘ button and set the list. The list can be arranged by ‘Title/Position‘,’Registered‘ and ‘the latest registered‘.

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