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Premium: Matching Process to Document Form

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In the Docswave Premium Service, the administrator can assign an approval process to each document form, in advance. This will prevent members from setting the approval process incorrectly or from asking an administrator about the process every time they create a document. If an administrator applies an approval process to each form beforehand, it will be very convenient for other members to create a document.

In particular, when matching an approval process with a document, try registering a process using the new function of shared process ‘To be selected by creator’. This will make an administrator’s management of approval processes much easier.

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The ‘To be selected by creator’ Function for Approval Process


The ‘To be selected by creator’ function is a new function added to the shared process, which allows a drafter to choose a member to be included in the approval process. The drafter can directly select an approver using the ‘To be selected by creator’ option registered by an administrator beforehand.

For example, let’s take a look at the process of approving the ‘Vacation Request Form’, which is used by most organizations. If, for instance, the approval process is set as ‘creator – HR deputy head – creator’s team leader – CEO,’ the team leader may be different according to the creator. If the function of ‘To be selected by creator’ is registered beforehand, the creator can simply add his/her team leader only and avoid making possible mistakes.

Adding the Item ‘To be selected by creator’ to Shared Processes

Adding the function ‘To be selected by creator’ to shared processes is similar to the existing method for Applying Shared Processes. Please refer to the ‘Applying Shared Processes’ tutorial and follow the directions below.

(1) Click the button ‘+Approver‘or +Cooperator‘ button on the screen for registering shared process.

(2) Choose the ‘To be selected by creator tab on the right of the ‘Org Chart’ section.

Administrator: Please write a description so that the creator can directly select approver(s) on the To be selected by creator tab.

(3) Write a description on ‘which approver(s) the creator should add.’ Then click the ‘Save’ button to save.

(4) Select the Options on the List of ‘to be selected by creator‘ tab and click ‘OK’ button.


How to Match Processes with Document Forms 

1. How to match pre-made processes with document forms

The steps below show how processes made in advance can be matched with document forms.

(1) Go to Admin menu > Doc Forms.

(2) Select a Doc Form from the list of forms, and click ‘Edit Process.’ Then, select ‘Select process for form.’.


(3) Select a process from the list of shared processes seen in the ‘Select Processpop-up. Then, click ‘OK’ below.

If you see the ‘Process’ mark next to the name of form for which the selected process is designated, it means that matching is complete.


2. How to directly apply a shared process to a document form

Please refer to the following information for directly applying and matching processes to document forms.

(1) Go to Admin menu > Doc Forms.

(2) Select a Doc Form from the list of forms.

(3) From the bar on the right side of the Doc Form, click [+Approver] or [+Cooperator] to add the approver. Then, add the ‘Recipient’ or the ‘Observer’ to complete the approval process.

(4) click ‘Save’ and register this Doc form.


Removing the Matched Process from Doc Form

(1) Go to Admin menu > Doc Forms.

(2) Select the Doc Form which the process is matched with, then click the ‘Edit process’ button. Then, select ‘Remove process from form.’


(3) Click the ‘YES’ button on the pop-up which reconfirms the removal of the process.

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