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Premium: Printing Multiple Documents at Once

Written by ;Docswave

The administrator of the organization using the Premium Service is able to print multiple approved documents at once.
This means that it is no longer necessary to open one file at a time to print multiple documents.
The printed documents will be merged into one PDF file and automatically saved in the user’s Google Drive, so you can print again anytime.

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How to Print Multiples Approved Documents at Once

(1) Go to Admin menu > Doc Archive.

(2) Select the documents you want to print.

If you want to print the approved documents only, go to All Docs > Approved Docs next to the title ‘Doc Archive.’.

(3) Click the ‘Print all docs’ button on the right. Then, select between ‘Include workflow history’ or ‘Exclude workflow history.’

(4) Five minutes after clicking the button, the merged PDF will be sent to the user’s email and saved in the Main Account’s Google Drive.

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