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Register all members with EXCEL file at once

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Use “Upload by batch” function to register several members at once.

Access Administrator > Organizational chart/member management menu.

Click “Upload by batch” button.

 Upload input form file

(1) Press ‘Download the input form’ button to download the form file (.excel).

(2) Input the information according to the form and then upload.

*If re-uploaded the member who already exists, the existing information shall be changed with the latest information.

*Member who registered from the Excel file will get a ‘user role’. If you want to change the another role, please set up after registration.

Input the upload form

There are 3 kinds of sheets for input form. Refer to “Department Code Info” and “Job Title Code Info” as below and input “Members Info”.

(1) “Members Info” : Input the information of members (e-mail, name, department, position/title,, address).

* Email, department, position/title should be registered.

* Input the code no. for department and position/title column.

(2) “Department Code Info“ : For the department info, the organizational chart (department) set by the administrator is registered. Refer to this, and input the code no. that is matched with the member in “Members Info”.

(3) ”Position Title Code Info” : This sheet includes the position/title information set by the administrator. Refer to the code no. and input the code no. in “Members Info.

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