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Register Shared Contacts

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Use ‘Shared Contacts’ of Docswave to register and manage the information of external partners such as clients, customers, etc.

In addition, use e-mail addresses of registered external partners to add as an ‘External Receiver’ to document for the request. (Add External Receiver to Approval line)

When the final approval is completed, the ‘External Receiver’ added to the approval document can check the description of document by e-mail.

** Basic Info

  • Other members can see the information of external partners that I registered and members can add them as external receivers to a document to approve.
  • All administrators can modify/delete all information of shared contacts.

Access Shared Contacts menu.

 1. Shared Contact List

Available to check the information of all external partners that members registered.

* Click ‘All – MY‘ to view the contacts only that I registered.

2. Group management of shared contact

This is ‘Group Management’ button. Click this button and the ‘Group Management’ pop-up window appears as below.

a) Input the group name and press “+” button to register.

b) Modify the group name and click ‘Modify Image’ button and the group name will be modified.

c) Click ‘Waste Box‘ button to delete the group.

3.  Add shared contacts

Available to add directories using ‘Add contacts’ or ‘Google Contacts‘ buttons. Click a button and then the popup ‘Shared Contacts Add’ appears as below.

*Add Contact Information using ‘Add Contacts’

a) Input the information of external partner such as Group, Name, Org Name, Title/Position, etc.. (* The email information is required.)

b) After registering all information, press ‘OK’ button and the contact information will be registered.

* Add Contact Information using ‘Google Contacts’

a) Click ‘Google Contacts‘ button and then select directories. and click ‘OK‘ button.

*After registering the directory, you have to fill out the details.

4. Modify Shared Contacts

To modify the shared contacts, click the name of external partners to modify.

* Shared contacts that other members registered can be modified only by administrators.

a) After modifying/changing the contents of contacts, press ‘OK‘ button to complete.

5. Delete shared contacts

To delete the contacts, check the contacts to delete and click ‘Edit Contacts – Delete Selected Items’ button to complete the deletion.

* The contacts that other members registered can be deleted only by administrators.

6. Change the group of contacts

To change the group of several contacts, check the contacts and press ‘Modify Group’ button to modify.

7. Recommend Docswave

Using This function, you can recommend Docswave to external partners including clients and customers.

A recommendation e-mail will be sent to them when you click the ‘Recommend Docswave‘ button.

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