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Shared Process Setting

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The shared process is the approval line that all members can use. If administrator sets it in advance, all members can use the shared process to write the document for the request easily.

Access Administrator >Shared process .

1. Configure shared process

Click ‘Add Process’ button for the window to register the shared process as below. Refer to the following method to register.

(1) Input ‘the process name’.

(2) Enter the process information.

a) Approver: the person is who approves the document. The document are approved from 1st approver to the final approver in sequence.

b) Cooperator: Like approver, the cooperator can approve the document. Only the name is different.

c) Receiver: the person who receives the document when the document gets the final approval.

Internal receiver: If the document gets the final approval to the receiver who belongs to the organizational chart, the internal receiver can also check the document.

External receiver: the external concerned person who does not belong to the organizational chart, and available to select from shared contacts list. If the request document gets the final approval, it is attached to the mail as a PDF and sent to the external receiver with the attached file.

d) Observer: The observer cannot approve/reject but check the process of approval process.

(3) If all information are registered, press ‘Registration’ button to register.

2. Modify the registered approval line

Click ‘Pen(modify)’ button on the right top of approval line to modify the approval line.

3. Delete the registered approval line

Click ‘Trash can (delete)’ button on the right bottom of approval line to delete the approval line.

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