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If you are considering Docswave for your company, please read this post.

How to introduce Docswave to your company

1) Register your company’s forms on Docswave, in advance.

ⓐ When you register your company’s forms on Docswave, the members will be able to use it right away. (Please note that you can register only Google Docs’ documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on Docswave.)

※ Before adding a form, please check if the form is in a printable state (i.e., whether all parts are printable). To check, click the [Insert Image in Document & Print] button.

Link | How to register forms

If your company does not have existing forms, you can simply use templates provided by Docswave . View the Template menu through the URL below.

 Link | How to register ‘Templates’:

–  Go to ‘Templates’: |

2) Decide how your organization will use the boards on Docswave.

You can plan in advance how your organization will use the boards on Docswave. When the boards are ready, let your members know that boards can be used to communicate and collaborate with one another.

e.g., Idea Board, Team Board, Marketing Board, etc.

 Link | Settings for Boards:

3) Encourage members of your organization to take the following steps.

If you have finished adding members of your organization to Docswave, please encourage them to take the following steps :

ⓐ Request members to update their profile photos and signatures.

 Link to share | Set profile photo & signature:

Ask them to try Docswave! Let them have first-hand experience of Docswave. Encourage them to try creating a document using the form “Create a doc for practice (Tutorial)” and approve it via email or on Docswave.

Share Docswave Tutorial on Docswave Blog with all members. Your biggest concern may be teaching them how to use Docswave. Please do not worry about that, since Docswave is very easy to use. All you have to do is share the tutorial. Once they view it, they will understand right away and be able to use it.

 Link to share | View tutorial :

Recommend installing email apps to their smartphones so that they can receive email notifications in real-time. We strongly recommend using Gmail or Inbox.

4) Share ‘notices’ on the Notice Board!

If you are all set, upload the information on the Notice Board to let members know.  When a notice is uploaded on the Notice Board, an email notification will be sent to all members.

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