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To Share Approved Documents To Other Colleagues

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It is available when you want to share the completed document to someone who did not include on the approval line. If you want to share external users(ex. cooperation agency) the document, you could send them it by email notifications.

** Basics

  • Only the requester can share the document.

▶ please access Completed docs menu. and select one to share.

1. To share your internal members

There is a “RECEIVER” item in the final approved document. You can share your completed document to another colleague.  click the ‘+ Internal’ button.

Select a colleague in the organization chart and press the ‘OK’ button to send a “shared mail”. At the same time, the receiver is added the “Approval line”.

2. Share to external users

To share the final approved document to external users, click the ‘+ External‘ button and select directories in the shared contact list (or register new one).

And then a “Share mail” will be sent to them.

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