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A setup guide of Google Drive for Docswave

Written by ;Docswave

As you know that Docswave is available to register Gmail users and Google Apps users in the same organization.

In this case, Google Apps users have to set Google drive’s sharing setting for “sharing outside of your org. domain“.

If it doesn’t share outside, it will occur errors when an user shares files with other members in Docswave.

So, please check and set the sharing setting as follows!

▶  Sign in Google Apps Admin console  and  access App > Google Apps > Setting for Drive > Sharing setting.  


As you can see, click the ‘on‘ for sharing outside of your domain(google apps domain).

    • For files owned by users in your domain warn when sharing outside of your domain.
    • Allow users in your domain. to publish files on the web or make them visible to the world as public or unlisted files.


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