Updates in November : Linking Google Forms to Google Calendar

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The winter is around the corner! Here are some updates of Docswave.


1. All Google forms are now linked to Google Calendar.

Previously, Google Calendar was linked to only the “Leave Application” form available for Premium users. However, Google Calendar is now linked to all other Google forms for Premium users.


Manage your schedule by linking Google forms to Google Calendar!

  • Premium Service
    • Can be linked to all of Google forms including “Disbursement Form” and “Business Trip Request Form”
    • There is no limit of the number of Google forms that can be linked to Google Calendar.
    • The calendar for each Google form will be created in the admin’s Google Calendar.
    • When a document is finally approved, an event is automatically registered in the admin’s Google Calendar and shared with all members.
    • Details in registered events such as label color, title, schedule change can be customized in Google Calendar.


2. Admin’s functions are extended.


(1) It is now possible to search by doc forms in the “All Docs” folder.

  • FREE & Premium Service
    • Search a document by registered forms.
    • [Admin] – [All Docs] – [Filter]


(2) Has your member not yet received an invitation e-mail? Re-send it!

  • FREE & Premium Service
    • You can re-send an invitation e-mail of Docswave to a member.
    • [Org Chart / Member Mgmt] – Click a member – Click “Resend the invitation e-mail” next to “E-mail”

(3) The admin can upload members’ signature images.

  • FREE & Premium Service
    • Can upload your members’ signature images on behalf of them.
    • [Org Chart / Member Mgmt] – Click a member – Click the upload button next to “Signature Image”


In November, following functions will be updated.

  • Improving “Leave Application” available for Premium users
  • Adding “Disbursement Form” for Premium users

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